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Do you enjoy crisp, refreshing fruity flavors? If so, you have come to the right place. AQUA SALTS E JUICE takes those deeply refreshing flavors from Marina Vape’s AQUA Line and turns them into nic salts that satisfy in every way. Each e liquid tastes identical to real, fresh fruits that you’ll swear that its juices are flowing across your tongue. Their diverse flavorful selection ensures that there’s something for every type of palate.

AQUA SALTS E JUICE is NOT intended for sub-ohm vaping styles because they contain nicotine salt. However, you can enjoy a high dose of nicotine without any harsh sensations. Plus, be able to experience a smooth throat hit that satisfies immensely.

Their line is made with high-quality ingredients that provide a pure taste. There’s no artificial sweetness that muddies the complexities of each bottle produced.

The collection from AQUA SALTS E JUICE lets you get your saltnic vaping on while bathing your tongue in succulent fruity splendor.